Welcome to Linda's Election Guide
for Greater Seattle
(updated 10/21/2017)


2017 General Election (November 7, 2017) html format

2017 General Election (November 7, 2017) pdf format 

Who is Linda and why an election guide?

This election guide is an all-volunteer effort. It began because Deaf and Deaf-Blind friends frequently asked me for advice about elections. I started to pay more attention to the elections to be ready to answer their questions. One year, thinking it would save time (ha!), I decided to write the information down. And since it was written down, it was easy to xerox and mail it to 60 of my friends and neighbors. Over the years it has grown and is now an email guide I send to about 500 people, many of whom then share it with their own friends, neighbors and coworkers. Now it is also available on the web!


Some of the sources I use for this election guide are listed below. Please browse them for more information on candidates and issues.

League of Women Voters

Municipal League of King County

King County Labor Council


Loren Miller Bar Association Judicial Evaluations

Asian Bar Association of King County

Washington State Womens Political Caucus

Washington Conservation Voters

Washington NARAL

Washington Women Lawyers

Washington Nat'l Organization for Women