Linda’s Election Guide
November 7, 2017

Linda’s Recommendations
(Explanations below)

Advisory Votes
Advisory Vote 16: Maintained
Advisory Vote 17: Maintained
Advisory Vote 18: Maintained

Washington State Legislature
Legislative District 45: Manka Dhingra
Very important race in the Kirkland/Woodinville/Redmond/Sammamish/ Duvall area – if Dhingra wins, the Legislature will have a Democratic majority.  And she’s good!

King County Proposition No. 1: Levy Lid Lift for Veterans, Seniors and Vulnerable Populations: Yes
King County Executive: Dow Constantine
King County Sheriff:  Mitzi Johanknecht
King County Council, District 1: Rod Dembowski
King County Council, District 5: Dave Upthegrove

Court of Appeals, Division No. 1, District No. 1
Judge Position No. 2: Michael Spearman
Judge Position No. 5: David Mann

Port of Seattle
Commissioner Position #1: Ryan Calkins
Commissioner Position #3: Ahmed Abdi
Commissioner Position #4: Preeti Shridhar

City of Seattle
Mayor: Jenny Durkan (Moon is also good)
City Attorney: Pete Holmes
Council Position #8: Teresa Mosqueda
Council Position #9: M. Lorena Gonzalez

Seattle School District #1
Director District #4: Eden Mack
Director District #5: Omar Vasquez
Director District #7: Chelsea Byers

King County Sheriff:  Mitzi Johanknecht
Notes:  Both Johanknecht and Urquhart are qualified and competent. Both get high ratings. (Municipal League calls Johanknecht “Outstanding.”)  Urquhart has poor ratings from his own commanders, and has had several lawsuits against him for sexual harassment and for taking revenge on officers who disagree with him. Some people say the problem is that Urquhart has very strict rules for his officers, and some people don’t like it, so that’s why they give him poor ratings.  Other people say he is very difficult to work with – very arrogant.  Johanknecht has worked in law enforcement for 32 years and is a Commander in the Sheriff’s office. She is also from Seattle.

City of Seattle Mayor: Jenny Durkan
Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon agree on most things about Seattle.  Taxes are too high on poor people and too easy on wealthy people.  Housing is too expensive and traffic is terrible. We need more homeless shelters. I think either one could be a good mayor.  Under each name, I will list a few things that are different about their opinions.

Jenny Durkan
Municipal League: Outstanding
Positions: Supports building the new Youth and Family Court and Services building; wants to get homeless people into housing, but opposes letting them have camps in city parks; likes the idea of inviting major sporting events to Seattle.
Endorsements: King County Labor Council and many other Labor groups; WA Conservation Voters (Environment); Transportation groups; WA Women’s Political Caucus; GLBTQ groups; Democratic groups; Seattle Times; many current and former state leaders (Inslee, Gary Locke, Gregoire, Constantine, Rom Sims, MANY others).

Cary Moon
Municipal League: Very Good
Positions: Opposes the new Youth and Family Court and services building; wants to stop all sweeps of homeless camps and allow homeless people to
have camps in city parks. Suggests using vacant land to set up emergency housing for homeless people – has other ideas for combating homelessness, too.  Opposes inviting major sporting events to Seattle, because it is very expensive and makes traffic worse, and also might make housing even more expensive because there are not enough hotel rooms and some landlords convert their apartments to Airbnb instead of renting the apartments to families.
Endorsements: Seattle Education Association (teachers’ union) and several smaller labor unions; WA Conservation Voters; Bus rider and Biking groups; King County Democrats and Young Democrats; Seattle Weekly and The Stranger; City Councilmember Mike O’Brien.